Water Softener Repair Utah County

Water softeners are designed to remove inorganic calcium and magnesium minerals from your water, giving you cleaner laundry, dishes, skin, and hair while saving you time and money every day. As one of the most important appliances in your home, your water softener can process hundreds of pounds of rock every single year. This, along with bacteria from the salt and air make it important for a water softener to be disinfected and calibrated every year. If not properly maintained, a water softener will eventually break. We are factory-trained to service most major brands of water softeners in Utah.
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Water Softener Replacement Utah

Why do you need a water softener in Utah? The easiest answer to that question, hard water is hard on the houses. Hard water is packed with dissolved minerals such as calcium, sulfur, lead, and limestone. As hard water flows through the pipes and appliances, mineral deposits are left behind and can cause blockages. Professional Plumbing Systems specializes in the repair and installation of every make and model of water softeners

Water Boiler

Do plumbers fix boilers? Yes here at Professional Plumbing Systems, we want to make sure you can keep your house warm, we fix leaks, any unfamiliar noises and any changes you have noticed in your water boilers’ ability to heat your home.

The difference between water boilers and water heaters is that a boiler heats up the water you have in the boiler and circulates it, which then goes throughout the house and can heat the radiators if present, to provide heat for the home. Boilers do require yearly inspections and maintenance, they are a closed-looped system, making sure you have the proper water pressure is crucial so we don’t ruin circulator pumps. We can quickly determine what is causing the issue and give you a straightforward estimate of the cost and time for the necessary repairs.

Water Main Repair/ Replacement in Utah County

Depending on the issue there can be a variable cost for water main repairs. Here at Professional Plumbing Services, we can give you a timely response and estimate for the cost and repair time for the water main repairs. Water Mains in older homes are run in galvanized piping and they deteriorate over time and begin to start leaking and unfortunately, sometimes the damage cannot be repaired and you may need to get your water main replaced. Don’t worry about this either! We’re here to help! We offer Trenchless digging, so we just dig a hole at your house and a hole at your meter and we bore a hole underground between the two holes and pull the new service line. The average cost to replace your water main is around $2000, this of course is evaluated on a case by case situation and we will evaluate and give you an estimate of cost and time, at the time of the inspection of your water mai

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Water Heater Repair in Utah County

We are a local plumbing company that does installations, repairs, and replacement of all major brands of water heaters. Our plumbers are near you and work in a timely manner to install water heaters, replace water heaters, or repair your water heater. Depending on the situation typically water heater repairs cost anywhere from $500 – $1000 depending on brand and situation. A water heater replacement typically takes 2-3 hours to remove the old water heater and replace it with a new water heater. If you currently do not have a water heater, it can take around 1-1.5 hours to place and install a new water heater with an in-home water heater.

Boiler Radiant Heating in Utah County

A typical radiant home heating system in Utah County is a boiler heating up hot water and circulating it though a bunch of tubing that is ran in floors of your homes.This is more of a specialty line of work, not all plumbers are qualified to install/work on these systems, we have years of experiences with installing and repairing these systems.We all know the winters here in Utah and in Utah country, in particular, can get really cold. If you do use a boiler to heat the home. You want to make sure it is working properly so you don’t have any of those nights that will freeze you to the bone.

Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains? Your toilet is stubborn and won’t unclog and you want to know how to unclog the stubborn toilet. A plunger might not be the thing you need! Your local plumbers here in Utah county at Professional Plumbing Services can take care of you! We have all the necessary tools to unclog your stubborn toilet. Some of the best products to get you toilets unclogged are draino or a snake. If these store products aren’t working for you, give you local plumbers a call, we can quickly and effectively take care of clogged drains making sure everything is in proper order.

Garbage Disposal

Do plumbers fix garbage disposals? YES! Your local and trusted plumbers here at Professional Plumbing Services can identify all your garbage disposal issues and make sure that we give you an accurate quote of cost and time to get your garbage disposal up and running.

The typical garbage disposal lasts about 15 years. So if it is giving you issues it might be time to get a new one. The average cost for a garbage disposal is about $266 with a range of about $185 to $379, these typically include a 2-5 year warranty. Give the plumbers near you a call to make sure that everything is installed properly and working.