Water Softener Installation & Repair

Is your water softener doing its job? Here’s how you know if your water softener is not working properly.

  • Does the water feel different? Soft water gets you clean while leaving the natural oils of your skin intact, whereas hard water may make you feel dry or itchy after a shower.
  • Does your water get nice and sudsy? You might also notice a difference when you’re washing your dishes. Without soft water, it’s more difficult to produce a lather that washes clean and doesn’t leave residue behind.
  • Are you finding hard water stains? Water softeners remove some of the minerals in your water, and if they’re not working properly you might find spots of gritty white minerals on your faucets, dishes, or shower door.
  • Does your water taste or appear different? When a water softener goes out, you may find that your water alters in taste, has a new odor, or is discolored in appearance.
  • Is your water softener constantly running? Sometimes parts wear out and need to be replaced so that the softener doesn’t get stuck in one stage of the softening cycle.

Professional Plumbing Systems is the first number you should call to get your water softener back into working order. And with our upfront pricing and commitment to quality, you can be sure it’s also the last phone call you’ll need to make for all of your water softening and plumbing needs.

Why Utah County Homes Need a Water Softener

We’ve heard this question over and over again: Why do I need a water softener in my home? While there are several reasons why water softeners are found in homes across the United States, the most important one is that hard water is hard on houses.

Hard water is packed with dissolved minerals such as calcium, sulfur, lead, and limestone. As water flows through your pipes and appliances, mineral deposits are left behind. A buildup of mineral deposits can clog your appliances and pipes, leaving you with costly repair and replacements bills. A quality water softener will save you money.

Professional Plumbing Systems specializes in the repair and installation of every make and model of water softener. Whether your current system needs to be repaired or you need to install a new water softener system, we can help. Our friendly, experienced professionals look forward to assisting you with your water softening needs. Contact us today to get started.