Professional Clogged Drain Repair in Spanish Fork UT

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Clogged drains are never any fun, and most of us don’t have a bottle of chemicals sitting under our sink. Many times these clogs are a result of hair, shampoos and soaps, food, grease, and normal buildup from hard water deposits. If want to fix a Clogged Drain in Spanish Fork, UT call Professional Plumbing Systems today!

Fully Clogged Drains

For a fully clogged sink, where the water is just sitting there, you can try a plunger first. Plungers aren’t just for the bathroom, and you can try them on any clogged drain. Try to have one specifically for the sink and shower drains, instead of using the same one on the toilet, to avoid accidental bacteria contamination.

Place the plunger over the drain hole and push down several times consecutively, release the plunger and see if the water begins to drain. If it isn’t draining, you can attempt to plunge a few more times. If the clog is something simple such as food or hair build-up, plunging should help.

Partial Clogs:

Once plunged, if the water is draining slowly, you can try a few other things to fix what is now called a partial clog.

Boiling water is a great tool for partial clogs. You can use it alone or add some grease-cutting dish soap or normal table salt for grease clogs. Another excellent home remedy is baking soda and vinegar; first pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain then follow up with ½ cup vinegar, cover with a glass or cup and allow to sit overnight. In the morning, pour boiling water down the drain and your clog should be fixed. 

If the above home remedies don’t work, it’s time for professional Clogged Drain in Spanish Fork, UT, and you need to call Professional Plumbing Systems to assess the problem and get your drain problem corrected.