The Benefits of Water Softener Installation in Spanish Fork, UT

The Benefits of Water Softener Installation in Spanish Fork, UT

Those who live in an area with hard water know that many issues arise as a result thereof. Many may experience the following: lack of lathering shampoo when applied to hair, clothing is not as colorful after a wash, and hard water stains present themselves on dishes. However, these issues may be resolved when the individual takes advantage of Water Softener Installation Spanish Fork UT.

Listed below are a few of the many benefits that come with installing a water softener.

Benefits of a Water Softener

* Lower Energy Bill: Water heaters use more energy when they are having to heat up hard water. Using a water softener allows for the water heater to work more efficiently which will save the homeowner money on their energy bill.

* Extended Life of Pipes: Limescale eats away the surface of anything that is slightly conductive to electricity. This results in a shorter lifespan of any pipes that it may build upon. Soft water reduces the amount of limescale that may develop.

* Reduces Skin Conditions: Psoriasis and eczema tend to flare more when exposed to hard water. Water softeners dilute the number of minerals that cause the skin conditions to flare.

Water Softener Installation Spanish Fork UT is easier than it may seem. Following are the steps to ensure a correctly installed water softener.

Installment of a Water Softener

* Shut off the main water line. Be sure to drain the home’s pipes to prevent any water leakage prior to and during the installation.

* Install the unit’s tubing according to the unit’s manual. Start by inserting the distributor tube into the mineral tank and flush. Be sure the open ends of the tubes are sealed to prevent any plastic beading from entering the tank.

* Add the gravel and softener resin.

* Install the unit’s bypass valve and connect it to the home’s main water line.

* Add the salt and water to the tank.

* Run a Backwash. The backwash allows the individual to see if there are any leaks happening and that the fittings are secure.

Hard water is tough on appliances, humans, pets, and the plumbing, but, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Browse our website for more information and benefits for installing a water softener. For more information visit